pour nous, les gens de langue française, allons ici

My Hp49 Progs

 Just a series of link on my recent projects on the 49.

le projet debug49!!

at least a cool deboggueur on the 49!!

in dev, but usefull!

aka Comment Qu'Ils Font
  is a series of prog accelerate the dissassembling andnavigation in the Entrys-Points
(new version with access flash and - > S3 of Denis martinez)
(and in no-claims bonus, accesses to the hidden entrys 11111!)
include a new beta version with my Powerfull xASM->
New Version 
small User-RPL prg to handle the version of your libs (made for CQIF but should work for other)
 an article
 on manager 11111 (in English)
 My INTERHandler
 to make music in games
 My INTERHandler
 to make truth preemptive multitask (not finished)
 to simplify the life of the devellopor on 49.
 A FIND Replaces and an intelligent prog which makes hold yourdocs in your screen
 SuperCar Cheater

Pierre Tardy

I cannot well on in no case to be held responsible for the damage caused by my
programs on your HP49. Make Back-UPs

sorry, no animated gifs, neither of trick which flickers, nor of Javascript.
Just a page which goes to essence