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Emu48 for the mac is a saturn based HP calculator emulator.

This port is based on emu48 SP25 ( running on win32 plateform)

which can be found on Christoph Giesselink 's home page

The MacOSX Version is now maintained by Da Woon Jung on emu48mac.sourceforge.net

To run this emulator you will need 2 archives:

The emulator itself

File Size Date Comment
emu48-0.6b.sit 160k 15/07/01 Emulator Application and Readme's version 0.6b based on emu48 SP25

And some calculator specific files.

File Size Date Comment
emu48files.sit 2.3Mg 15/07/01 Files needed to run all HP48G, HP48S, HP49G, HP38G, HP39G, HP40G
48gfiles.sit 324Ko 15/07/01 Files needed to run the HP48G, the old success of HP
49gfiles.sit 640Ko 15/07/01 Files needed to run the HP49G, the new powerfull HP calculator
39-40files.sit 636Ko 15/07/01 Files needed to run the HP39G/HP40, the new low cost calculator

Emu48 is gpl'd
you can find the sources here

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